Wholesale FAQs

Who can buy Haute Wrap products on this website?
Haute Wrap retails products on this website, but also sells wholesale to the trade. If you are a retail storeowner or corporate buyer, please contact us at sales@hautewrap.com for information on product pricing or to place an order for your store. 

Why would I buy Haute Wrap gift wrap instead of any other wrapping paper?
While so many wrapping paper motifs are graphic illustrations, Haute Wrap paper is uniquely photographic. Haute Wrap photographic gift wrap comes in over 100 images from Nina Fox Photography, giving audiences a totally new visual experience and the ability to choose gift wrap that is a perfect fit for the occasion and the gift recipient. It is also available in gift box packaging, making for a quick and easy – yet one-of-a-kind – choice for anyone who needs a gift for the person who has everything! 

My retail store doesn’t carry wrapping paper, and it’s not an item that customers are typically looking for in my shop. Why would I consider carrying Haute Wrap gift wrap?
One of the reasons why Haute Wrap gift wrap stands apart from other wrapping paper is that it’s available in appealing, utilitarian gift packaging. Customers who are shopping for a grab-and-go gift may not stop into your store looking for gift wrap, but will be delighted to find this fresh, fun, sophisticated item to pick up as a hostess gift. 
I am a retailer interested in carrying Haute Wrap. What are the different ways in which I can buy the gift wrap for my store?
Do you offer wholesale case packs of the Gift Boxes? 
Yes. Case packs are available in quantities of 12, 24, or 36 Gift Boxes.
What's so special about the Gift Box packaging, anyway?
The Gift Box packaging was designed with a few key advantages in mind:

What if I have multiple boxes to wrap, or want to feature a variety of boxes and gift wrap images in my store display? Will the images look good together? All of Haute Wrap images complement each other beautifully, and there is no need to limit yourself to using just one image, color scheme, or image theme in order to make a grouping of gifts look great together. Whether for an in-store display or as a stack of gifts for a special occasion, mixing and matching the wrapping paper enhances the unique qualities and pops of color in each image to make your gifts look even more spectacular!  


Scarves and Jewelry

What is the minimum opening order? 

New buyers must meet a minimum opening order of six scarves in a single size. So if, for example, you're interested in carrying the mini's and the Lap of Luxury's, you would need to select 6 images from the mini collection and 6 from the Lap of Luxury.

Can I put my own image on the scarf?

Generally, no. We do offer private label, but typically those collections are curated from Haute Wrap's photographic library. If you are interested in licensing an image or commissioning Haute Wrap for a photoshoot to design your private label collection, email sales@hautewrap.com.

Does Haute Wrap wholesale it's jewelry?

At this time, no, but that doesn't mean we won't in the future! Stay in touch - and stay tuned.


Other questions?
Please contact us any time via email at sales@hautewrap.com or by phone at 208-928-7833. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you determine how Haute Wrap products can best suit your retail needs.