Hand- made in the U.S., these flasks are wrapped in authentic alligator skin.  Each skin is tanned in the oldest and largest exotic leather tannery in the U.S. , selected directly from the very best farms and trappers around the globe. 

Desert ( matte ) a more "natural"  look is finished leather seasoned with special polishing oils and waxes. Skins are either hand polished with a special soft bristle brush or with a felt polishing wheel on a special machine to achieve a soft touch to the feel, and rich in texture.

Glaze - Glazed leather is produced by polishing the skins with an agate stone give a shiny finish, and are great for when you want your alligator leather accessories to stand out and draw the eye. 

Millennium finish is produced by placing the skin through a special roller press which applies heat and pressure to create a soft glow on the leather.